Spotlight on Dale Rauch

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Dale Elaine Rauch, mother of Casey Rauch who is the male lead (Will Hawes) in The Santa Diaries, has an impressive list of acting credits. Among them are performances in The Wire, Failure to Launch, Wedding Crashers and Syriana. However, being an elementary and middle school teacher for 30 years put her on stage daily. We would be willing to bet that she made learning fun and all the boys had crushes on her.

In the play Dale plays Frisbee, one of the three carpenters/actors involved in putting on the town’s annual Christmas play. In the original script these three characters also made appearances in a dream as the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future. Yesterday we rewrote that dream sequence at the request of Director Tim Weigand and Producer Liza Ledford. Now Dale additionally plays the ghost of Will’s deceased mother in this new scene. Tonight’s rehearsal will be interesting as the actors will just be receiving the script changes.

Changes in the script ripple forwards and backwards. Rewriting this one scene meant we had to tweak some earlier scenes and some dialogue that happens after. I’m getting ready to print out my new (latest) copy. Is there a point when changes have to stop, I wonder?

We asked Dale what she hopes people take home after seeing The Santa Diaries, and she replied, “a lighter heart.” We applaud that wish.

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