Stage Lighting 101

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Maurince Evans, LD, knows that lighting is not just the icing on the cake in a theater production. Most of us think it’s only about illumination, but lighting is integral to the success of a show. It creates mood, draws our attention to parts of a scene, perhaps a character who needs to be highlighted.

Maurice is the Lighting Designer for The Santa Diaries. He told us that, “light has inherent properties that affect the eye and brain processes, causing feelings and emotions. Effective stage lighting is based on this understanding.” Now that the opening day is coming closer we frequently see Maurice at the back of the theater making notes as he watches rehearsals. The other day he was lugging in huge lights.

He told us, “as much as we would all like to have unlimited resorces to buy or rent unlimted amounts of equipment, the reality of most shows is that there is more creativity than money.” This brings us back to the reality that The Santa Diaries will be successful because so many people are doing all sorts of things behind the scenes.

Innovation is Maurice Evan’s business. In addition to plays and recitals, his company lights all sorts of events including weddings, parties, bar and bat mitzvahs. They even provide DJ services.

More information is on his website:

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