The Cassell/Barwick Family

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Cathy Barwick Cassell has lived in Easton her entire life. She’s married to Marty Cassell and they have four sons. In The Santa Diaries Cathy plays the role of Mrs. Cratchit and also a barfly – two very opposite roles.

Tristan and Cathy CassellA Clinical Social Worker by day, Cathy enjoys travel, photography, arts and crafts and spending time with family and friends. When asked what is her favorite thing about Christmas, she replied, “the entire deal.”

She told us she had never been in a play except for the part of “the little red ant” in the first grade. She came to auditions to support her son and her parents, Tom and Betty Barwick, and ended up in the play.

Cathy’s son, Tristan Cassell, is an honor roll fourth grader at Easton Elementary School. In the play he performs as young Will and Child #1. This is Tristan’s first play and he wants people to leave the performance full of the Christmas spirit.

Tom Barwick 2Tristan’s grandfather and grandmother also have parts – his grandfather, Tom Barwick, plays Bud, and his grandmother, Betty Barwick plays  Glory Bea.  Betty Barwick









The Cassell/Barwick family wants the community to be proud of the Avalon Theatre and the dedication of the cast of The Santa Diaries. Buy Tickets.

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