Premier of The Santa Diaries

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Today is the premier of The Santa Diaries. At last night’s dress rehearsal I was glad I did not have heart problems. Missed actor and tech cues, kids who were in the green room when they were supposed to be on stage, props that stayed in the middle of the stage where they DID NOT BELONG – a long list.  The director reminded us about the old adage that a terrible dress rehearsal means you’ll have a fabulous opening. I wish we had another week of rehearsals, but we don’t and the show will go on at 2pm. Live theater is not for the faint of heart.

dress rehearsalEveryone has worked hard for the last three months to get to today and here’s the wonderful news. This community has embraced our play and pulled so many people into the effort to make the words we wrote last summer come to life. It is the actors who make the characters live on stage, but the unsung heroes are those who attend to the million of tiny details behind the scenes. We, the writers of The Santa Diaries, are grateful to all of you.

Break a leg!

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