Every Production Will Be Different

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Every production of a play is different; perhaps every performance. This is especially true for community theater where parts are cast depending on who shows up to audition. The venue may be a theater, a school or a church basement, and staging is tied to budget, creativity and the ability to think outside the box.

As playwrights, Laura and I are excited to see how Liberty Showcase Theatre will interpret our play, The Santa Diaries. The play will be performed in a church (we think the church hall) and they’ve completed audtions. We will need to make a few tweaks to the script because of who was cast in what role and who can play two parts. The play at the Avalon in Easton, MD had about 65 people – lots of kids and every kid got a speaking part, even if it was just one line. The Liberty Showcase cast is approximately 25, a more manageable number.

Liberty asked us if we would be okay with them changing the look of Marley, the dog in the play, and sent us a picture. Their interpretation of Marley is just fine with us. They want to put its own stamp on The Santa Diaries, and Laura and I hope that every theater that produces our play will do just that.


I’ve asked Barb Gaspar, the show’s director,  to ask the cast to email me bios and photos to share here. I’m looking forward to that. In fact, Laura and I hope to attend a couple of rehearsals and meet the cast. Of course we will attend several preformances. It’s our baby after all, and we are excited to see it grow.

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