Show Photographer – Alan Chapman

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When I wrote the blog about the Chapman family I didn’t have the information about Alan, the husband/father in the family. So here it is…a little late.

Alan was a full time musician most of his life.  He says the music business was very good to him until his “over the top” onstage antics caught up with him.  After years of doctors trying to find out why his right hand would go numb and be painful, one finally found the problem. Three surgeries later he can now hold a coffee cup without pain; however, he can no longer play bass.  (The pink hair is because he dyes his hair pink every year for breast cancer awareness.)

Alan Chapman pink hair

Debating on what to do with his life, he decided to take up photography.  He told me he had always loved the craft, but never had time to pursue it.  Now he has shot weddings, countless bands, children, infants, families, models, head shots, and special events. He does everything behind the lens. His company is Brighter Futures Photography. Here are some of his photos. His work is very versatile and evocative.

Alan Chapman dark haired woman

Alan Chapman baby

Alan Chapman bride

Alan Chapman photo of rocker

His day job is being a preschool teacher which he has done for thirteen years.  He says he loves being able to make a difference in children’s lives.

The Santa Diaries production by Liberty Showcase Theatre is blessed to have Alan Chapman taking photos of the show. Opening night is this Friday. Break a leg, Santa Diaries cast.

Performances dates are as follows: Friday, December 6th and 13th at 8PM; Saturday, December 7th at 2PM and 8PM; Saturday, December 14th at 8PM and Sunday, December 15th at 2PM. The venue is Glyndon United Methodist Church, 4713 Butler Road, Glyndon, MD 21071. For tickets visit the Liberty Showcase Theatre website at

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